Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Topspin Pictures Revealed

This one's frankly more for my own archival purposes than to give anyone information they don't already have, but the first "true" pictures of Topspin, the next Transformers club membership incentive figure, went up at on Monday night (here's a more direct link to Topspin itself).

We'd seen some painted mock-ups before, but this is the first we really see of the figure with the transparent parts and all. Members who join by March 16, 2008, will get this figure as part of your paid membership. It will ship sometime the "late spring/early summer" (possibly a little later than usual due to BotCon at the end of April, but that's also part of why I chronicle this stuff: once the figure's out, I can easily look back through the blog entries for those figures for easy date comparison!).

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