Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thoughts on BotCon 2016

BotCon 2016, possibly the last BotCon ever, has now come and gone. I've had plenty of time to think about the event in the couple of weeks since my return home (partly due to the flu I and so many other convention attendees came home with!), but I'm sure I'll still only be able to skim the surface here.

This year, the convention was in Louisville, KY. While I have not typically travelled to non-California BotCons, I had already committed to doing so for this year even before the location and the probability of this being the last BotCon had been announced. But those bits of news made this convention an even more important one to attend. Louisville, as long-time readers (and friends and family) already know, is where I grew up, and where my parents and siblings still live. This did mean I wouldn't be staying at the official BotCon hotel, but besides saving a ton of money, I would have wanted to spend some time with my family, anyway. As to possibly being the last BotCon ever... well, I was also at the previous "last BotCon" in 2004, so who knows if this time will actually be the one. But I still wanted to be there.

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