Wednesday, December 22, 2021

GT-R Megatron and Noa (2013)

Over the almost 40 years of the Transformers franchise, and the literally thousands of toys created over that span of time, and the dozens (if not hundreds) of different alternate modes those toys have taken, it perhaps goes without saying that the automobile remains the most common alternate mode in the franchise. That said, it remains comparatively uncommon for an automobile-mode Transformer to be a Decepticon, rather than an Autobot, and even less common for such a Decepticon to use an automobile alternate mode that is not only a real type of car (as opposed to something made up, usually to avoid having to pay for intellectual property rights), but a specific real world automobile! GT-R Megatron is indeed an example of this uncommon occurrence.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Not Your Father's Autobot - Episode #9 - Transformers: Generation 2 issue #9

For this episode of Not Your Father's Autobot, we're discussing Transformers: Generation 2 issue #9, cover dated July, 1994. This issue can be found reprinted via the Transformers: Rage in Heaven paperback, which may be purchased via Amazon. Listeners may also wish to try to find a copy of either the collected paperback or the issue itself via eBay (purchases through these links do not support the podcast in any way). 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Masterpiece Lambor G-2 Version (G2 Sideswipe, 2012)

MP G2 Sideswipe cardAs my brother Nick and I have spent the past year doing Not Your Father's Autobot, one of the things we've often commented upon is the incongruity created by the fact that the comic nominally focused on Generation 2 features so few of the actual toys from that line. One notable exception to this is Sideswipe, who from the first issue was featured in his distinctive G2 color scheme. When the Masterpiece line chose to homage this toy with "Lambor G-2 version" (using the Japanese names for Sideswipe and G2, respectively), they went a step further, not only homaging the G2 toy, but specifically the character's depiction in the comic.

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