Friday, January 29, 2016

BotCon 2005 Deathsaurus

I have recently come to realize that this blog (or, more properly, its predecessor, Transforming Seminarian) has existed for the entirety of the time that Fun Publications has been running BotCon. Despite several behind-the-scenes attempts, I've never gotten around to featuring what is arguably their first major exclusive toy: Deathsaurus from the 2005 BotCon box set (although, as the mention of the box set implies, Deathsaurus did not come out all on its own, it was certainly the centerpiece of that set). Some of the reasons for this delay will become clear as I proceed to showcase the figure.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Generations Arcee

Way back in 2009, when doing a feature on Energon Arcee, I commented that "to this day" (that is, from the start of the Transformers franchise in 1984 to the then-present of 2009) no mainstream toy of Generation One Arcee had ever been created. I wasn't counting a Binaltech figure that had come out the previous year in Japan, although I probably should have done, as it was technically the correct character, even if it wasn't available here in the US and bore little resemblance to the character's iconic form. That said, it took another five years before Hasbro finally got around to doing Generation One Arcee as she was always meant to be, with the 2014 Generations figure.

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