Sunday, June 5, 2022

Not Your Father's Autobot - Episode #12 - Transformers: Generation 2 issue #12

For this, the final episode of Not Your Father's Autobot, we're discussing Transformers: Generation 2 issue #12, cover dated October, 1994. This issue can be found reprinted via the Transformers: Rage in Heaven paperback, which may be purchased via Amazon. Listeners may also wish to try to find a copy of either the collected paperback or the issue itself via eBay (purchases through these links do not support the podcast in any way). 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Titans Return Laser Prime with Refractor and Rodimus Prime (Chaos on Velocitron set, 2017)

Before the final episode of Not Your Father's Autobot drops on Sunday, we've one more Generation 2 homage figure to feature. During the Titans Return segment of the "Prime Wars" Trilogy, a set given the name "Chaos on Velocitron" was released as a Toys "R" Us/online exclusive. At the time, this set was the only way to complete the pair of Autobot Clones (new versions of the classic figures featured here), in addition to a number of other characters (all reuses of previously released molds to a greater or lesser degree). Most of these deserve their own features, but we're mostly going to focus on the Generation 2 homage here, called "Laser Prime" for this release.

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