Saturday, April 18, 2015

Retirement and Rebranding

Today is the 10th anniversary of the start of "Transforming Seminarian," and I am celebrating this occasion by officially retiring it. If you've read my most recent post back in February, this probably comes as no surprise (indeed, that's really what that post was all about. The only difference between then and now is that "a rest" now has become "retirement").

The surprise is that, after a period of reflection, and some behind-the-scenes work, I'll definitely not be giving up blogging. Instead, I'm rebranding and moving to a new URL. Welcome to "Blackrock's Toybox."

As long time readers already know, I had already completed my seminary degree even back when I started "Transforming Seminarian," and thus calling myself a "seminarian" was already a bit of a stretch, but I justified it on the basis of the fact that I still worked at that seminary. In the time between my February post and now, that's changed, and I no longer work there. Given this change, I decided that my continuing blog efforts would need to be accompanied by a name change. Since I've been using the moniker of "G.B. Blackrock" for years already, I decided to use the name as the basis for my new blog. You can find "Blackrock's Toybox" at

For those of you who have subscribed to either the blog's e-mail feed or its RSS feed, you will indeed need to update your accounts with the new blog with these links (which may also be found below the post).

With a new blog comes a new focus. I'll be focusing much more on toys (Transformers in particular, but not exclusively), and trying to offer some variety by following this approximate schedule:
  • Two blog posts each week - One on Wednesday, and one on Saturday
  • 1st Wednesday - Something from roughly the past decade (Classics Transformers and newer)
  • 1st Saturday - Something from roughly 1996-2005
  • 2nd Wednesday - Something from before 1995 (anything up to and including the end of Generation Two)
  • 2nd Saturday - Anything goes!
  • Then the cycle restarts with something from the past decade....
I'm really excited about this new direction. I hope you'll join me over at Blackrock's Toybox!

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