Sunday, January 13, 2013

Transformers Generations Warpath

I was somewhat surprised to learn last week that Transformers fan and author Jim Sorenson's blog has been hiatus for almost as long as mine has. Despite the fact that both of us live in the greater Los Angeles area, this is purely coincidental (in fact, the only times Jim and I have ever met in person have been at Transformers conventions and book-signing events). I don't know if I should take comfort in the similar timing of another blog's hiatus, or if that fact should make me feel more guilty, but since Jim's back up and running, I probably should take that as a cue to do the same.

A few years ago, I did a feature on the two versions of the classic character Warpath that were available at that time. In 2011, just a year or after I wrote that article, yet another Warpath toy was released, this time at the "Deluxe" price-point (which I really think should be renamed, as it's more or less the standard size. Shouldn't the word "Deluxe" imply something better than the standard?). Like the "Legends" version of Warpath from 2009, this version of Warpath turns into an "H-tank." This imaginary style of tank has been fairly popular in the Transformers franchise, as it provides for separate arm and leg transformations fairly easily.

In addition to Warpath's signature chest-turret, this toy also has a working missile launcher and an ammo rack, both of which can (if desired) be detached from Warpath's shoulders (or turret, if in tank mode) and re-attached anywhere an appropriately-sized rod can be found. These kinds of accessories are often called "c joints" within the fandom (because the shape of the clip), and quite a few Transformers of this era were using them, making for a myriad of mix-and-match possibilities.

Although I think the Deluxe price-point may no longer be living up to its name in general, there is little doubt that this version of Warpath is quite a bit larger, more detailed, and able to hold a far wider variety of poses than either of its predecessors. The odds are, if you're at all interested in this toy, you've already picked it up sometime over the past year or so, but if you haven't, I strongly urge you to do so. The toy can still be found at brick-and-mortar stores with a bit of searching, but whether you prefer that route or just picking it up online, it shouldn't be hard to get, and there's no reason anyone should have to pay too much for it.

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