Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poll Results: Inconclusive

Last week, I tried an experiment. Victorysabre, a stalwart member of the Transformers Club, tried to do a poll asking about what type of toy/character the club ought to do for their next exclusive. Unfortunately, the poll only allowed people one, and only one, choice among eleven different options. With so many choices available, so many of which seemed very similar to each other, this could hardly hope to yield a meaningful result. Having admitted this inadequacy in the first attempt, I thought I might try the same poll over here, where I would be able to allow members to choose more than one choice if they wanted to. I left a link to this new version in the thread containing the original poll, hoping that interested members would give it a look.

Unfortunately, my results are no more meaningful than the original version.

There are several possible reasons for this. One is that the thread containing the poll was moved from the forum in which it was originally created to the "Feedback" forum on the club site. This is actually where such a thread should go, but it doesn't get quite as many members to visit it (at least, anecdotally speaking). The thread was also "stickied," which is to say that it was given a mark to ensure that it would remain at the top of that forum. This is actually intended to ensure that the thread isn't lost, but it's my feeling that it has the exact opposite effect. I know that I tend to ignore stickied threads, mostly because they stay at the top long after any new information has been added which would make them relevant. It may also be that the original thread had simply run its course, and no one cared about my continued attempt.

In any event, there are only 4 responses (hardly a representative sampling), and all but four of the elevent choices got exactly one click. Of those four, two got two clicks, and two got no clicks.

There's simply not much I can report on the basis of such information, except perhaps that polls are perhaps not a productive endeavor for this blog at the moment. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on what might be more useful, please feel free to share them by clicking the "comments" link.

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