Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Space Case (1995)

When discussing toys as part of Generation 2, most fans agree that any toys that released in the US with the redesigned Autobot and Decepticon faction logos qualify for inclusion, even though Hasbro had quietly dropped the Generation 2 language on the packaging for the last year of such toys before deciding to revamp the entire concept for Beast Wars. Thus, the Cyberjets are not only considered part of "G2," but indeed are held up as some of the best toys in the entire line.

Admittedly, there were only three Cyberjet molds, and all three have been shown off on this blog in the decade-and-a-half since I've been doing Transformers features, including a later version of this very character (or possibly an alternate universe counterpart), but since I've not yet shown off the version of Space Case that actually came out during Generation 2, now seems a decent time to do so. One of the reasons the Cyberjet molds are so highly praised is the level of articulation they feature, with ball joints enabling elbows, knees, and head poses well beyond just a static upright default (which I normally use on this blog even for molds capable of such posing, because attempts to show off the joints run the risk of poses like the one seen here, where Space Case looks a bit hunchbacked. That's far more to do with me than with the mold's failings, I assure you!).

All Cyberjets also feature a distinctive design that allows for a pair of missiles that can be fired without springs or a complex mechanism. Instead, they are simply held in place in the launcher until fired by pushing on the missile from the back. Space Case is, in my opinion, the most successful implementation of this design, as it didn't require Space Case to sacrifice one of his arms entirely to the launcher (it is instead mounted to his right arm) and doesn't conspicuously alter the toy's vehicle mode (you can't see it at all in this picture, in fact, as it is underneath the jet mode). Rest assured that the missile launches equally well in both modes, and the feature has not been diminished by decades of play. This is a toy that is well worth picking up if you can find it.

While you're out looking on eBay (or wherever) for a copy of Space Case to make your own, please be sure to come back here on Sunday, when you can find the next episode of Not Your Father's Autobot: A Transformers: Generation 2 Comic Book Podcast. We'll be discussing issue #3.

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