Friday, July 1, 2011

A Transformers Drabble

Before BotCon, club member Jeysie posted a little contest over at the #TF-Timelines page at DeviantArt.  Basically, we were asked to write a "drabble" set in any Transformers Club-related universe.  For those that don't know, a "drabble" is a piece of fiction that is exactly 100 words long.  I've always been partial not only to the Marvel Comics Transformers universe, but to the Ratchet/Megatron storyline that featured so prominently there (here's just a sample), and since the club had done their "Classics" storyline in the future of that universe, I figured this little bit was fair game. 
Ratchet smiled.

Although he’d just caused the Ark’s engines to explode by diverting Starscream’s blast right into them, thus dooming them both to their deaths on the Earth below, he knew that he’d succeeded.

Somewhere else aboard the Ark, Megatron still lived. Ratchet could feel his presence, and his anger. Megatron would be destroyed when the Ark crashed, as well, and that was as it should be. Were Megatron allowed to remain on the now defenseless planet, devoid of any Autobot presence that might contain his evil, who knows what atrocities he might commit?

Now it was over.

Ratchet hoped.
As it happened, I was the only person to enter the contest, and thus I won 150 DeviantArt points by default. I'm still deciding what to do with them.  I'm considering using them towards getting a mug with this picture that I created for a different contest a few months back.  DeviantArt also has a lot of other Transformers-related art (to say nothing of non-TF stuff) from some extremely talented people.  I almost bought a print of this piece by Dan Khanna a while back, but found it wasn't available online.  Then, when I learned that he would have a stand at BotCon, I sought it out again while I was there, found it, and was able to buy it directly from him instead!  It now hangs proudly on my office wall.

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