Monday, February 9, 2009

Non-Generation One Transformer Art: Part Three

Although I've been calling these "Non-Generation One" pieces, I suppose that's not entirely true. Obviously, a couple of the characters featured here (not to mention in previous weeks) are very much G1 characters. But these aren't the examples of box art you'll find on Botch's Transformers box art site. These are from reissues, or other lines entirely. Hopefully, by including these pieces here, fans will be able to locate box art in times to come, even for all the non-G1 lines out that that didn't get quite the nostalgia push that G1 got.

OTFCC 2004 MegazarakCaliburn

Reissue Skids TransformerAlternators Shockblast Shockwave

Animated Transformers Prowl

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