Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Custom Tech Specs and Action Master Power Plans for Soundblaster and Ultra Magnus

It's been a long time since I've posted any custom Power Plans or Tech Specs. I'd gone through most of my Power Plan creations in these two postings last year, but upon going through my files, I found that I'd missed a couple. I'm certain that the Ultra Magnus figure itself hails from Custom Masters. It may be that Soundblaster comes from there, too, but I'm no longer sure. But, first, here are the Tech Specs I completed for both figures:
Action Master Soundblaster Tech Specs
Action Master Ultra Magnus Tech SpecsNow, here are the Power Plans. The Soundblaster plans are incomplete, not containing any of the text that the other Power Plans have, which probably explains why I didn't post this image earlier. I'm not sure why I never finished it....
Action Master Ultra Magnus Power PlansAction Master Soundblaster Power Plans

Finally, waaay back when I was starting this blog, I posted a picture of a custom package I made for the Ultra Magnus Action Master. I created both a front and a back for that. Here are those images.
Action Master Ultra Magnus Custom Package frontAction Master Ultra Magnus Custom Package back

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