Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Accept No Substitutes - The Transformers Wiki's New Site

A little over two years ago now, I found a Wiki dedicated to the Transformers which was laying fallow on the Internet. Someone else had created it some time earlier — I don't know who. But after I and some others rediscovered it, we brought it to the attention of the greater fan community in posts like the one linked above.

That Wiki grew and evolved as many Transformers fans discovered and contributed to it, and eventually developed its own identity as one of the most unique and informative sources of information for any fan-specific genre on the Internet.

As the Wiki evolved, so too did the demands of the owners of the server on which the Wiki was based, who (understandably) needed to find ways of making the ads on the Wiki profitable enough to keep such a site in existence. Unfortunately, the ads they used tended to get in the way of the actual data that people were coming to the Wiki to find, and requests that a more congenial compromise be found were met with failed promises and (in some cases) outright lies and scare-tactics.

And so, the fan-base behind the Wiki, including its moderators and its most dedicated and articulate contributors, have moved to a new server, which can be found at The "old" Wiki still exists, but seems to be quickly degenerating into chaos. Blame is already being tossed around on all sides. The owners of the server blame those of us who moved, those of us who moved blame the owners, in addition to a bunch of random trolls who seem to have found a new playground. Either way, the old site (which I will not link to directly, but you can find easy enough if you want to) is increasingly not the best place to go to for solid Transformers information (yes, there's some humor on "our" Wiki, which some folks find objectionable, but I challenge anyone to point out where that humor gets in the way of the solid information). For that, go to the TFwiki, where all the best contributors that made the old version great and built its stellar reputation have gone to make the new site even better. There will still be ads — no one was objecting to ads, per se — but ads won't get in the way of your enjoyment of the site anymore!

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