Monday, April 21, 2008

He, Grimlock!

Members of the Official Transformers Club have been having a bit of fun over the past year. We've taken a Classics Grimlock figure, and have been sending it around to club members all over the world so they can take pictures of him in various surroundings. If you've seen the movie Amelie, this might be compared to what Amelie did with her father's garden gnome.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be granted access to this figure last week. I had to package it right back up again and send it on to someone else in order to be sure that Grimlock made it to BotCon for this weekend, but I was still able to take a few shots in my apartment and at work while I had the figure. Most of these pictures are only available to club members via the club forums. However, I did save one picture for this blog, featuring the seldom-seen G.B. Blackrock custom figure. Enjoy! (As always, you can click on the image for a larger view)
Transformers Club members can go to the "Me, Grimlock" forum and click on the thread entitled "Grimlock Visit Log: G.B. Blackrock", and you'll see the rest of the pictures I took with Grimlock in the short time I had him.

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