Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Even Rarer Than the Rarest

A couple of years ago, I devoted some blog attention to a series of eBay auctions being held for the G2 Stunticons and Protectobots, proclaiming them "The Rarest Transformers of All Time." I've just found one that proves that title not entirely accurate.

Currently on auction is the almost never seen leader of the Stunticons, Motormaster, in his G2 form. You may remember that the leaders weren't part of that auction series in 2006. Naturally, the price for this one has already skyrocketed, and I fully expect it go much higher before it's all over. Even if you can't place a bid (as most of us can't), grab the images while you can, because this is an opportunity that almost never comes.

G2 Protectobot Blades is also available from the same seller. As I indicated last time, this one's rare enough to cause enough of a fuss on it's own whenever it surfaces. The fact that it's clearly the "second fiddle" in this case should mean something.

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