Saturday, July 18, 2015

Are You Ready to Play the Feud?

I've been working on a few special projects recently. One that I'd like to share with Transformers fans is a proposal to set up a Transformers Family Feud game to play at either BotCon or some other Transformers-appropriate convention.

I should hasten to add that is not an official event (certainly not at this time), and that I have not communicated this to any convention-runners. I may end up getting everything to work, and they may still all say, "Sorry, but we just can't use this idea." Even so, I think that this is something that fans can have a lot of fun with, and I'm working to get everything ready so that I can make a "proof of concept" presentation.

As the picture indicates, I have buzzers ready. These are set up to send a wireless signal to a computer running a Family Feud program, which I can customize to use any questions I wish to input.

That's the next step for me: getting questions with which to play. I have already prepared several dozen questions, and have been sending them to fans via Facebook and Twitter in 10-question chunks. The first such chunk is already available, and if you wish, you can take the first survey at this link (I recommend this to all Transformers fans of all ages and stripes, but if you're not really into Transformers, you probably won't understand the questions, so you may not want to bother). I'm hoping to get 100 people to respond to each question (If you've already filled out this set, thanks! I'll have a new set up on Monday. The best way to find it when it's up will be via my Twitter account).

Once I have responses to enough survey questions, I'll start looking into venues, and from there, we'll start talking about teams. The idea is that I'll have enough material prepared to do a tournament with up to 8 teams. I'm not really thinking prizes or anything like that at this point, but who knows?

Does this idea sound interesting to you? If so, please let me know via the comments, even if you can't or don't wish to take the survey for whatever reason. An important part of any presentation I ultimately make to convention-runners will be to demonstrate that fans want to see this happen. If I can't show that there's such an interest, I'm sure that the people responsible for making these decisions will want to do something else that interests fans more.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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