Thursday, June 2, 2011

BotCon 2011 Begins

If you're a Transformers fan, you don't need me to tell you that BotCon 2011 is about to begin (and, indeed, for some of us, it's already started!).  If you're not, then I'll have to try a little harder to provide something of interest for you to read in the next few days.  But bear with me, and I'll try to make it worth it!

While I'll certainly be featuring the exclusive toys from the convention in due time, I'm going to try to do things at least a little differently (compared to previous years) over the next few posts.  Having already written about what BotCons 2006 and 2009 have been like, I'm looking to participate in the convention somewhat differently myself this time around.  In this vein, I have signed up to volunteer at several aspects of the convention, including work with one of the dealers (Captured Prey, from my hometown of Louisville, KY).  It is my hope that this will give me a behind-the-scenes perspective I've not had in the past.  I can't make specific promises at this point, but that's the plan.

One of the benefits of volunteering that I'm able to share right now, however, is that I was able to pick up the main box set of exclusive toys last night (Wednesday) rather than on Thursday as is the norm (I still have to wait until tonight to pick up the attendee-only souvenirs, but the long-awaited Action Master Thundercracker is all-but assured at this point.  It is now confirmed via the BotCon 2011 comic that one of the 2-packs will feature "Shattered Glass Galvatron and Thundercracker," and SG Thundercracker is known from the past to use the Action Master color scheme.)

Here are the Tech Specs that come with the box set (as well as the attendee-freebie, Fisitron aka Ironfist):


  1. Have a good time! I hear TFCC is supposed to have Windchargers there.

  2. LOL! Yeah, one of the people in line with me was talking about that very thing. I'm sure it will be a hot item. In fact, I'd be surprised if there are any left by the time I get to the club store, it's likely to be THAT in demand.

  3. I'll bet! That guy has driven people absolutely mad. I'm sure they will be mobbed and the supply will go quickly.

  4. Have a great time. I've been to 7 Botcons, but unless it comes back to the south eastern part of the country I'll have to sit @ home and read the news from the show.

  5. I so want AMTC. I'm still amazed they made him!


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