Monday, January 26, 2009

Non-Generation One Transformer Art: Part One

On my Friday Transformer features, I'm going to start including at least one example of official art (usually box art, but in cases where none exists, as with 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, something else may be used) with the entries. For the Generation One characters, Botch already has a wonderful web archive, and I try to direct people to that whenever possible. However, no one has (to my knowledge) ever stepped up to compile a comprehensive archive of non-Generation One art. I tried once, but it didn't last terribly long, and was never very complete.

Even so, I have made it an effort to scan the art that comes with each new Transformer I purchase with packaging, and so have a growing archive on my own computer. Since I won't be going back and adding box art images to profiles I've already posted in the past year, I figure that I should dedicate a few posts to displaying the art for those toys here. Here are the first six. Keep checking in for more!

Generation Two MegatronGeneration Two Dreadwing

Robots in Disguise Brave MaximusBeast Wars Second Dirge

Armada UnicronRobots in Disguise Scourge

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