Monday, October 14, 2013

The Transformers Thunderous Thirty #12 - Buzzsaw

A few years ago, a group of museums undertook a controversial series of exhibits designed to help teach audiences more about the human body. In many ways, the displays were much the same as the statues and models you would see at any museum. The crucial difference was... they weren't statues. Instead, real human cadavers (usually donated by either the family or the person themselves prior to the body's death) had been preserved. In many cases, the bodies had been surgically opened in ways intentionally designed to display vital organs. For those able to get past the "ick" factor, these exhibits helped people to understand the mysteries of the human body in ways not previously possible.

Now imagine a similar display, but without the educational component. This is done strictly because someone thinks it makes for good art. As controversial as the educational exhibits were, surely this raises the controversy level even further. Buzzsaw is this kind of artist (Yes, I am aware that I'm supposed to be discussing Transformers here!). Perhaps imagining the bodies as robots makes the whole thing sound a bit more palatable, but remembering that Buzzsaw is, himself, one of those robots, it's hard to escape the implications.

Let's face it, Buzzsaw's pretty creepy.

Being almost physically identical to Laserbeak (Laserbeak is red while Buzzsaw is golden), it's perhaps no surprise that most of the fiction of the 1980s focused on one to the exclusion of the other, and Buzzsaw's artistic inclinations aren't touched upon as often in the stories as his Tech Specs bio perhaps might suggest. Even so, when Buzzsaw did appear, he often made an impression, if perhaps less upon the reader than on the Transformer he chose to exercise his skills on!

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