Monday, February 18, 2008

Mirror Superion?

Everyone's talking about the upcoming BotCon exclusive set this year, which is featuring a "Mirror Universe" concept where all the good guys are bad and vice-versa. Love it or hate it (and there's plenty of both), it's a hot topic on the boards these days.

It was therefore a bit odd for me to realize that I'd actually done something with pretty much this exact concept a few years ago. Discount stores have been carrying $5 (on average) knock-off sets of the old "Scramble City" combiners for quite some time now. The quality is certainly well below standard for Hasbro/Takara-made Transformers, but they do make for excellent custom fodder.

Having already added the knock-off version of Superion to my collection, and looking for something to do, I bought another to turn into an "evil" version of the Aerialbot team. Painting the leader in (nearly) all black, adding blue and gold in places they didn't previously exist, and even dying one of the white team members red (although it came out pink, instead), I completed my evil Superion.

A bit of Photoshop work even allowed me to create "box art" for the new character, as well as Tech Specs. If you'll read through the Tech Specs I made about two and a half years ago (below), you'll see that this character hails from an alternative universe, and was brought into ours by Unicron. This was intended to tie into the "Universe" plotline (which was where most repaints of this nature were coming from at the time if/when Hasbro released such toys) where many Transformers from alternate universes were being brought together to fight (either for against) Unicron. But now that the "Mirror TF Universe" is becoming canonical, who's to say that this evil Superion isn't from the same universe as the upcoming BotCon exclusives? (Admittedly, I did call him a Decepticon and gave him faction symbols, rather than the "evil Autobot" concept of the convention, but that could be dealt with if need be) Since "Alterion" (as I called the new character on the Tech Specs) is clearly a portmanteau of "alternate" and "Superion," it may be safely assumed that "Alterion" is not this character's name in his own universe, but is simply a name chosen for clarity's sake.

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