Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Breakaway and More: Finally Arrived

Well, my third-class shipping started to show this time around, as lots of folks have been talking about getting Breakaway for a few weeks now, and mine just arrived on Monday. But at last it's here, and the club combiner is now only two robots away from completion. Here's a shot of Breakaway with his buddies.

I've also been privileged in the past week to get my Alpha Trion figure. Blog readers already know that I've been wanting this one since it was first announced. I was pleased to be able to get it directly from the club store, a feat made possible only because there were actually a few left over at the end of this year's BotCon, something that hasn't happened since Fun Publications took over the production of BotCon a few years ago. Alpha Trion is pictured here on the right, alongside Vector Prime, on whose mold the figure is obviously based. (Note: that weapon in Alpha Trion's right hand is an "Energon Spear" from a previous BotCon. I thought the purple was a pretty good fit, and it seemed like the kind of thing Alpha Trion might hold)

Alpha Trion sports a newly molded head, completing the impression that the toy is the classic cartoon character. I had to sell off my BotCon 2006 Megatron (featured here) to afford this toy, but so far, I've no regrets whatsoever!


  1. I have just one question:

    Where did you get that hot Ratchet wall clock?

  2. That was from an eBay auction several years ago. Can't remember who put it together.


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