Monday, May 29, 2006

Rare Transformers Auctions: The Half-Way Point

The Laser Cycle Jazz auction has closed. Final value: $1358.33. Winning bidder: Delphan Rane (the same guy who's won all four of the previous auctions, for a grand total of $12,408.33).

You know, when I decided to start featuring these auctions, I really had no intention of making this "the Delphan Rane show." We are now half-way through the Hartmans' promised cycle of 10 auctions. The Stunticons will start next week. Whether Delphan will continue his streak (perhaps he'll actually have a right to claim he's "not rich" by the time it's all over. He's paying what can only be considered a huge chunk of change for anyone...) is anyone's guess.

One more thing that's worth mentioning is that one of the reasons that Hartmans are selling off these rare figures is to help pay for debts incurred back at BotCon 2004, which I attended since it was in Pasadena (virtually in my backyard!). If the current patterns continue for the next five auctions, the Hartmans will have made roughly $23-24,000 (after taking out eBay and PayPal fees). I truly hope that this will enable them to settle any remaining debts.

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