Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Legend of Blue Bluestreak

There is perhaps no Transformers myth more legendary than the purported existence of "blue Bluestreak." Basically, what seems to have happened is that, somewhere along the process of taking toys from the old Diaclone line and repurposing them for the Transformers line in 1984, a Datsun Fairlady Z toy was sold in a grey-and-red coloration and given the name "Bluestreak," even though the original toy catalog, the instruction booklet, and even the package art on the front of the box itself, all used a blue coloration, a common color variation (among several) of the original Diaclone toy. Although many long-standing Transformers fans claim to remember seeing a "blue Bluestreak" in Transformers packaging back when they were kids, no evidence has ever surfaced to indicate that "blue Bluestreak" was ever officially released as a Transformer.

Perhaps even more odd is the fact that this remains true, even to this day, despite a myriad of special Diaclone-based color schemes having been used for various other reissues over the years, especially as e-HOBBY exclusives. Nor does any other official Transformers merchandise depicting this character in this form — only blue — seem to exist.

With one possible exception....

One of the more unusual bits of merchandise released back in the 1980's was this 3-D Puzzle set featuring, you guessed it, a "blue Bluestreak." Basically, the idea was that you could assemble the pieces to form Bluestreak in robot mode, then take the puzzle back apart and reassemble the pieces in vehicle mode.

When I found this box for sale at an antique shop recently, I was surprised to learn that there was yet another way to assemble the pieces, such that you could get a traditional flat puzzle with this piece of Transformers art on it. This scene is certainly compatible with other Transformers art of this era, such as that found of the back of the toy packaging, but I can't say I recall seeing this particular work before.

I didn't pick this box up when I was at the antique shop, but I was sorely tempted, especially for that art! I may find myself heading back there on my way south for BotCon next week!

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