Thursday, March 21, 2013

Loot Crate Highlight of the Month - Darth Vader Vinyl Bobble-Head

About a month ago, I decided to give Loot Crate a try. For those not familiar with the program, here's the idea: for a nominal fee, you get a box packed with items intended to appeal to geek and gaming culture. The items that will be in the box are not revealed in advance, so there's admittedly a risk involved that you might not get anything that particularly appeals to you. The upside is that there is an opportunity for a little bit of Christmas once a month when the package arrives, and since you know that the items are geared toward geeky interests, if those interests apply to you (and if they don't, why are you reading a nominally Transformers-themed blog?), there's a pretty good chance that you can get some really cool stuff.

The company hasn't even been around for a full year yet, but it has already generated a fair bit of buzz due to people posting videos of each "unboxing," as they show off what's in that month's crate, and the Loot Crate folks themselves have embraced the idea as a way to get free promotion of their service. Me, I'm not really into videos, and don't want to just do the same thing other folks are already doing online already, so I'm looking to just feature one highlighted item from the half-dozen-ish items that arrive in each box, at least for the next few months (after which I will determine whether or not I myself want to continue with the service).

Each month's Loot Crate attempts to group items around some kind of a theme. I gather that the themes are fairly loose, but it's still a cute idea. The theme for March is "Cosmos," and the item I'm highlighting out of the box is the Darth Vader Vinyl Bobble-Head from Funko. I never really knew that Bobbleheads were a thing when I was growing up (the more recent resurgence of their popularity not having started until almost the turn of the millennium), but they date back to at least as early as the 1950's. Nowadays, it's practically a sign that someone (or some character) has "made it" to have a Bobblehead made after their likeness. Certainly, Darth Vader is a prime candidate for such a distinction!

If you're interested in learning more about Loot Crate, you can do so via this link. While exploring, you can also check out videos that other Loot Crate subscribers have posted detailing the boxes they've gotten in a given month. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to next month!

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