Friday, April 13, 2012

BotCon 2012 - Request for Help

BotCon 2012 is now less than two weeks away. Even though I won't be able to attend this year, this means that I need to start making plans to update The Unofficial Transformers Club and Convention Exclusive Data Sheet. Having struggled to get some of the information I need in the past, I'm trying to be proactive this time around, and am asking for help.

Here is what I'll be needing from BotCon 2012 attendees:

  • A scan of the sales form that Fun Publications will be giving to attendees, from which they will purchase at-convention souvenir toys. This will enable me to document the exact prices for each toy/set. A blank form would be ideal, but if you don't have such, and feel okay sharing the filled-in version with me, that's cool, as it will at least get me the necessary information. I will not post a filled-in scan to the page, though.
  • A picture of the "1st Day Pin" for this year's set.
  • Updates if/when toys sell out. If you hear an announcement saying something like "we have only x toys left!" at some point during the convention, please send that, too, along with the approximate time you heard the announcement.
Please send any information via the "Send an e-mail" link on the right sidebar of the blog. I will be sure to credit you by whatever name or screen name you prefer (usually in the "hover-over" text you get when you move your cursor over an asterisk).

Besides just getting the data updated, I'm thinking of breaking up the datasheet into at least two (if not three) pages, so no one page is ridiculously long.  Right now, I'm thinking "pre-Fun Pub era" (1994-2004), "Fun Pub era convention exclusives" (2005-present), and "Official Transformers Collectors Club exclusives" (2005-present), but I'm willing to consider other options, as well. Please leave comments on what you'd prefer in the comments thread to this post.

Thanks, and have fun at the convention!

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