Friday, September 2, 2011

Vote for Admiral Daala!

From time to time, Hasbro announces a "Fans Choice" poll for their Star Wars action figure line, where fans get to suggest characters to be given a figure. This is the chance to suggest figures that otherwise might not get made. While we're still in the nomination stage of the current go-round, I'm going to throw my support behind a candidate that, to date, has never yet been given a figure (and there are increasingly few such characters of any prominence at all, even including the "Expanded Universe" beyond the movies and Clone Wars series): Admiral Natasi Daala.

I think Daala is an interesting character who, despite never having appeared in any of the movies, has nonetheless become an important figure in the history of the Expanded Universe. A rare example of a woman rising to prominence in the Imperial Navy (apparently in part thanks to having an affair with Grand Moff Tarkin, but don't let either Daala or Tarkin hear you say so!), Daala not only survived her initial appearance in the Star Wars franchise (unlike Tarkin, who despite this fact has become extremely well-known and has had several figures at this point), but has risen to sufficient prominence to become the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance in some of the more recent Star Wars novels (set some 40 years after A New Hope). But make no mistake. Daala is still an Imperial at heart, and not a friendly person. She quickly proceeds to use her new position of power to cause Luke Skywalker's new Jedi order all kinds of trouble.

But, just as Daala had, despite clearly demonstrated brilliance and ability, been routinely passed over for promotion (before Tarkin), simply because she's a woman, she suffers from a similar anti-female bias that plagues so many action figure lines, and has never had an action figure made in her likeness.  This situation must be rectified!

So, let's assume I've convinced you that Daala is the perfect choice to have a new figure made.What do you do next? First, go to your favorite Star Wars fan forum (or, you can go to the Allspark, which despite being a Transformers forum, is how I found out about the current "Fans Choice" poll), find out if they're participating in the Fans Choice poll, and place Daala into nomination. The deadline to do this is September 28th. The top 20 nominees will then be placed on a ballot for voting at the Star Wars Insider website in October. The character with the most votes as of December 1st (the Allspark quote says November 31st, but there is no such date) will be the character to have a figure made!

Support Admiral Daala!

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