Monday, February 7, 2011

Transformers Feature: Animated Jazz

Many fans of Animated seem to like the line because it has an arguably higher number of explicit Generation One homages than other lines of the recent past.  However, Animated does take enough liberties with the homages to ensure that it remains its own distinct line.  Often, an homaged character may closely resemble the Generation One version on the surface, while introducing new wrinkles to make the Animated version unique.  Jazz is a good example.

Animated Jazz's vehicle mode is very similar to the Generation One version, if obviously stripped of any of the trademarked logos the original toy possessed.  One can see the resemblance better in this image showing the two toys side-by-side.

Jazz's robot mode demonstrates the unique twist given to the Animated version.  By taking exhaust pipes and turning them into nunchucks, Animated Jazz becomes unlike any other version of Jazz ever made.  While Animated Jazz retains the G1 version's love of Earth culture, the Animated version takes on a "ninja" edge.

Fans of this mold attending BotCon in June will have a chance to see what this toy can look like with a totally different color scheme and character, as it has already been revealed that it is being used to represent an Animated version of the Stunticon Dead End (you can see a preview by clicking the link).

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