Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly Transformers Feature: Optimus Prime Target Gift Card

It's Black Friday!  On this day where folks are either madly beating down the doors of their favorite stores... or steadfastly avoiding them because of the crowds, it seems appropriate to do something rather different for the weekly Transformers feature.  And so, I present to you the Optimus Prime gift card!

In 2007, when the live-action Transformers movie was coming to theaters, Hasbro and Paramount were doing promotions pretty much everywhere.  Target joined in on the game by having a transformable gift card created.  Lovingly crafted by one of Hasbro's own designers to look (more or less) like the movie's version of Optimus Prime, this action-packed gift card actually stands on its own in robot mode!  Now Optimus Prime not only helps save the universe from evil, but he can help you purchase that Christmas present for Tommy!  (Well, maybe not that Tommy.)

But this is a gift card, right?  You don't want to carry this robot around in your pocket, do you?  (OK, perhaps you do, but bear with me)  With just a few easy flips, this robot can turn into... a rectangle!  (Oooooh!   Aaaaah!  I can tell you are all in awe of the card's majesty.)

Now, the truly astute among you must be thinking by now "Hey!  If this is a gift card, how is Target supposed to know how much money is on it?"  Naturally, the ingenious designers behind this unprecedented device have come up with a solution.  Merely turn the card over, and you can see where a bar code and a series of numbers have been located.  Using this information, any Target computer anywhere can instantly determine how much money has been made available for future purchases.  And if that's not enough, you can even add more, either by telling your friendly neighborhood Target cashier to do so, or by doing it yourself at (as the card itself helpfully informs you in the fine print on the right).  Armed with this information, you may now venture forth into the Christmas shopping season!  Good luck!

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