Monday, April 2, 2007

BotCon 2007 Registration Forms Are Up!

If you're reading this, and are a Transformers fan, then you probably already know that the BotCon 2007 registration forms went up on Saturday. You can find them at

Since there was a lot of information released on the brochure that came out at the same time, I've made a fairly extensive update to the Unofficial BotCon 2007 FAQ. If that link's helpful, I'm glad, but I should note that the best information can almost always be found directly at

Registration is a little more expensive this year (at $279 for club members), but indications are that this will be the most heavily attended BotCon ever, so you may not want to wait before sending in your registration form if you want to attend and/or get the box set of exclusive toys!


  1. Dude, I'm actually surprised you're not seething about this announcement.

    $300 (give or take $30)?!?

    And what do you get for that? Repaints of toys that are selling in the stores for $10.

    Man, it's a crime.

  2. I'm of throughly mixed minds here. On one hand, I do not begrudge FP for selling exclusives for the price they do. Exclusives pretty much always cost 3 or 4 times what the toy using the same mold costs at retail. That's just because it costs so much more to produce such a limited run.

    On the other, that is an awful lot of money, and I can't help but note that it's $30 more than last year for the same number of toys. The fact that there are no basics in the set is offset by the fact that the same mold is used for three of the five toys in the set.

    But, all in all, I'm not only sending in my money for this, but getting the loose set, too. I'd get only the loose set if I could, and as it is, I'm just hoping to get my money back on the boxed set via eBay. It's a bit of a risk, though. Although some people seem to make a killing by selling these exclusives on eBay, I often have trouble breaking even.... :(

  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a loose set on ebay after the convention? There may be some price gouging but probably not as much as the cost of a boxed set and a bagged one plus shipping from the club plus the hassle of ebaying said box.

    I'd just buy the bagged set off ebay after (or even during) the show as long as it didn't cost in the neighborhood of $500.


  4. Easier? Almost certainly!

    Cheaper in the long run? I doubt it. And that's why I'm doing it this way. You yourself suggested $500 as an upper limit. But I've paid less than that for both sets, and I expect to get most of that money back when I sell the boxed set!


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