Wednesday, February 14, 2007

eBay Alert

Yeah, I know today's Valentine's Day, and although I don't want to sound like such events are unimportant, the fact is that I don't have anything profound to say on the subject of love at the moment. My wife and I intend to have a special evening together, going to a nice place to eat, but that's really nobody's business but our own. :)

However, Karl Hartman did alert the Allspark about a current auction on eBay. The title doesn't make it clear, but if you look at the picture, this is an opportunity to get all four G2 Stunticons (which you may remember I called some of the rarest Transformers of all time) at once. Since these are loose, they should go for a bit lower overall price than the several thousand they sold for last summer, but the bid is already up to $690, it definitely won't go for cheap.

If that's too pricey for your tastes, you still might want to check out his other auctions. There's some pretty neat TF swag in there!

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