Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Woo, hoo! Soundwave!

There have been rumors for a little while now, but finally we have the support of actual pictures. Despite the fact that Hasbro told fans not that long ago that there were "no plans" for any further Generation One reissues (which wasn't surprising given how badly many of them warmed the shelves at Toys R Us last year), we'll be getting at least one more highly sought after "reissue" in the near future: Soundwave. Check out the pics at

These pictures confirm a few details about the reissue.
  1. The toy will indeed be using the "Soundblaster" version of the mold, which features room to hold not just one, but two cassettes.
  2. The two cassettes to be included will be Laserbeak and Ravage, arguably the most popular of the cassette figures.
  3. The reissue will be in the original "Soundwave" colors (despite using the "Soundblaster" mold variant).
I haven't found a firm release date for this toy, although it is suspected to be available in time for Christmas at Toys R Us (the toy may or may not be exclusive to TRU, as the other reissues have been) for about $30 (which is a far fairer price for this toy than it was for most of the other reissues we've seen previously!).


  1. The truth is that Hasbro kind of screwed up the classic reissue line by polluting it with toys that simply would not sell. People bought Optimus, they bought Starscream and probably some Jazz or Thundercracker... but Hoist? Grapple? No way. Soundwave should have been at the forefront of their reissues.

    As it is, I'm inclined to buy it, but I still have the Soundwave I grew up with, and I'm disinclined to replace that.

    Maybe I'll get this as a sort of satellite to my collection, kind of like Cybertron or Energon toys. It can come to work with me, or decorate the kitchen.

  2. I will own him -- oh yes! And it's about time they started charging sane prices for the re-issues. $35 for a $10 toy was ridiculous, and they paid for that mistakes with a bunch of shelfwarmers. Hopefully we'll see more!

  3. I bought Hoist, but in all fairness, I did wait until after Toys R Us had marked it down to below ten bucks.

    I thought the re-releases were far less consistent than I had wished for. Takara's line-up was much better, I thought, even though I didn't much care for Galvatron.


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