Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Second Chance on Some G2 Auctions

Since yesterday was a holiday, consider this my Monday entry. :)

For those who were interested in the Hartman Transformer auctions earlier in the year, here's a "second chance" to get a couple of those toys. Although these two auctions are, in fact, being held by the Hartmans, the toys are, apparently, from someone else's collection (in other words, no, the original buyer did not flake out, nor is he turning around and reselling).

Drag Strip (see entry for first auction)
Streetwise (see entry for first auction)

As before, expect these auction bids to go quite high. The bids are already at $200 for Drag Strip and $102.50 for Streetwise, as of the time of this posting. I will not be following the end of these auctions here on the blog.

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