Monday, July 3, 2006

Latest Rare Transformers Auction: G2 Drag Strip

The Hartman auctions are hitting the home stretch. This week's auction, for G2 Drag Strip, is the third of the four G2 Stunticons they'll be offering. G2 Drag Strip is an early example of an almost straight black repaint, a color scheme that has become much more common in recent years, usually used for the purposes of taking a mold associated with a heroic toy (often a leader), and creating an evil counterpart for that character. In this case, of course, "black" Drag Strip is intended to be the same character as G1 Drag Strip (who was already evil to begin with). It should be noted, of course, that G2 Streetwise was also a straight black repaint, and his toy was also the same character as his G1 counterpart.

We're getting close enough to the end now that I'm going to make predictions for the final toys the Hartmans will be auctioning.

July 3 (today): Drag Strip
July 17: Wildrider (this one's virtually assured, as it's the only "limb" Stunticon not to be seen yet)
July 31: Laser Cycle Soundwave (this one is more speculative, but would be the appropriate counterpart to Laser Cycle Jazz, which was auctioned last month)

The current bid for G2 Drag Strip stands at $610.00.

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