Monday, July 17, 2006

Latest Rare Transformers Auction: G2 Wildrider

The last of the G2 Stunticons is now up: G2 Wildrider. As of this writing, the bid is already at $355, but expect it to go much higher before the auction closes on Sunday.

As with so many other G2 items, Wildrider continues the trend of advertising "realistic styling" that is questionable at best. How many cars have you seen that have a large "G2 Decepticon" insignia on their hood? (Even fans that do put Transformers insignias on their cars tend only to put rather small ones on their windows, and leave it at that.)

That leaves one auction to go, for some unknown item. A couple of weeks ago, I predicted that it would be Laser Cycle Soundwave, but a couple of posters on the Allspark have suggested that a "reliable source" has told them that it won't be Soundwave, but something else. I guess we'll find out in two weeks.

It has been noted before that these auctions are being held, at least in part, so that the Hartmans can pay off some outstanding bills leftover from BotCon 2004 in Pasadena. I trust that they've taken care of those bills by now (although I confess that I have little idea of what costs were incurred). I'm trying to do my own BotCon-related fundraising, as well, although on a much smaller scale. You can check out this link for a small web page I've put up to sell some Transformers-related items that I don't need, hoping to get a bit of cash to spend on stuff when I go to BotCon in a couple of months. (I also have some G.I. Joe and Star Wars stuff to get rid of, as well!) Contact information on these sales can be found at the web site. Please don't use the "comments" feature of the blog for sales-related questions.

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