Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rare Transformer Auction Update: Catching up on Dead End... Now, Breakdown

I'm back from my vacation, but before I start writing about any of that, I have business to attend to. First off, catching up on the rare Hartman Transformers auctions.

The Dead End auction closed with a final bid of $2281. This auction was won by a totally different person than the winner of the previous 5 who, it would appear, has decided that he doesn't need to shoot for a complete G2 Stunticon set in addition to the rare TFs he already has (he didn't even bid on this auction).

The next G2 Stunticon up for grabs is Breakdown. I've commented before that this toy is somewhat less rare than the others, having been the 1994 Botcon exclusive (that is to say, the very first!). So I expect this one to go for considerably less than the others. Still, because this sample was part of the same production run as the other rare TFs being auctioned (as opposed to the run for the convention), it does not have the same markings as the convention package, making it somewhat more collectible.

The bid is currently at $510.10. Good luck to anyone who wants to try for it!


  1. Wow -- I'm still floored anybody would pay that much for a *repaint*.

    Hey B-W, do you know anybody who is attending Licensing Show 2006 in NYC this week? My wife is a big time My Little Pony collector, and apparently they have a show exclusive pony there.

    Hmm... wonder if Hasbro has a show-exclusive Transformer... ?

  2. Didn't think so, but thought it was worth a shot. MLP collectors don't seem to get as many "lucky breaks" as TF collectors, so when exclusives show up there's little to no warning.

    I'm going to see what I can do to get a Nemesis Prime. I managed to "coerce" a few comics friends into nabbing me a Skywarp last year, so who knows?

    SoCal -- that's right. Any chance you're going to San Diego this year, B-W?

  3. I expect that I won't be down myself, but I've already made arrangments with a friend who's planning on going to pick one up for me. I can't make promises that she'd be willing to pick up an extra, but I can ask.

  4. It would be appreciated -- but I wasn't fishing around for favors, honest!

    (I actually think a friend of a friend is picking one up for me)


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