Monday, June 5, 2006

Latest Rare Transformers Auction: G2 Dead End

With this week's auction from the Hartman collection, we move from showcasing Autobots to Decepticons. For the next month or two, the auctions will feature the G2 Stunticons. This week's Stunticon: Dead End.

Like the G2 Protectobots, the G2 Stunticons are a team of five toys that can merge into a giant robot form. Also like the G2 Protectobots, the G2 Stunticons are recolored versions of figures originally made in 1986, intended to be sold as part of the "Generation Two" line of Transformers in the early 1990s. However, when Hasbro decided the abandon the G2 line in favor of something completely different ("Beast Wars"), production on the G2 Stunticons halted. As a result, only 6 copies of this toy are known to exist.

I'd commented that, with the Protectobots, it seemed more than a bit silly to drop thousands of dollars on these things given that knock-off versions of the entire set could be found easily for about $5. That's not the case with the Stunticons. While knock-off sets for the Stunticons exist, they are not as easy to locate, and only use 3 of the 5 members of the Stunticon team (replacing two of the toys with members of a completely different combiner team). One of the two missing Stunticons is Dead End.

Perhaps that lack of availability explains the already higher than normal (for this point in the auction) bid for Dead End: $1009.99.

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