Monday, May 22, 2006

Latest Rare Transformers Auction: Laser Cycle Jazz

Taking a break between the G2 Protectobots and the G2 Stunticons, the Hartmans are offering a different example of a not-quite-mass-produced G2 Transformer this week: Laser Cycle Jazz.

Like the G2 Protectobots, Laser Cycle Jazz is a new version of a character previously done years earlier in the original Transformers series. And like the G2 Protectobots, Laser Cycle Jazz is a recolor of a mold used previously. However, unlike the G2 Protectobots, Laser Cycle Jazz does not use the same mold the original version of the character used, but rather uses a mold that had been recently used within G2 itself: that of Laser Cycle Road Rocket.

There are only 12 known examples of Laser Cycle Jazz in existence. As with all of the rare items in this series, if you want this one, be prepared to shell out a fair bit of money. The bid on this one's already at over $400.

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