Monday, May 8, 2006

Latest Rare Transformers Auction: G2 Blades

The final G2 Protectobot to be auctioned by the Hartman brothers is now up on eBay: Blades. Since my previous guess at closing value proved incorrect, and because the same guy has won the last three auctions, I expect that the closing value for this auction will be quite high. I expect that the same guy will win this one again, and will push the bid especially high up in order to do so.

Alternatively, it could be the sentiment among many that the four Protectobots should stay together, and so fewer people will bid. That's possible, but I doubt it. Already, the bid amount is at $885, which certainly isn't demonstrably lower than previous G2 Protectobots at this stage in the game. Still, time will tell.


  1. Wonder if someone is going to try and outbid him, just to hold it hostage so he has to pay through the nose to get the complete set? Hmm.

    Now watch them re-release the Protectobots as some kind of store exclusive with a similar color scheme. ;)

  2. More likely, people will just try to do such, making the price skyrocket so that Delphan Rane has to pay a lot to get it via eBay. It's actually hard to imagine that someone will beat him, but that he'd be able to turn around and pay a "ransom" later on.

    Incidentally, while I'm on record on the TF boards as advocating other people to bid on this if they really want it (just because he won 3, he has no more right to #4 than anyone else), I do not advocate bidding to artificially increase the price or just to keep Delphan from getting the toy. That's just petty.

    Incidentally, I have not bid on any of these, myself.

  3. D'oh -- I actually meant that they'd jack up the price. Few people have that kind of cash to blow on toys.

    Though from selling some of my G1s on eBay a few years ago, I can attest that Transformers attract deadbeats. I have horror stories from people not paying, filing false claims with PayPal to get a refund, etc. Lost a C-8/c-9 Shockwave once to some moron who turned his inferior figure in to PayPal and claimed it was the one I sent him.

    Never had as many problems selling or buying on eBay as I have had with TFs. Can't tell you why...

  4. Thus far, I've been pretty lucky. Although I've heard stories such as you describe, none have yet happened to me, with the possible exception about 8 years ago of when I paid (via Money Order) to get Mindwipe via eBay, but the toy was never sent (or at least, never arrived). I never was able to get my money back on that one.

    That said, I don't do a lot of business on eBay. Maybe 3-4 times a year, these days. And when I do try to sell something, I can't hardly ever get anyone to bid. See this link for my latest attempt. Even this is a second attempt, since no one seemed willing to pay $4 plus shipping (which is admittedly high, but is exactly the amount it will cost me. I've already weighed the box....

    Anyway, no one seems to want what I'm selling....


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