Monday, April 17, 2006

Rare Transformer Auction Update: Final Price for G2 Groove

As promised, today's update brings the final value of the latest G2 Protectobot auction from the Hartman collection: $1825. This is considerably less than the previous auction's final value of $3050, which isn't terribly surprising. If I had to make a guess, I'd say that we can expect the next figure to be auctioned will take in a somewhat smaller price, but that the value will more or less stabilize there for the remaining 5 auctions to follow. Time will tell.

What's a bit more surprising is to see that the same person won this auction as won the last one. While there is a certain feeling among some transfans that it would be nice to see these set remain together, it seems unlikely in the extreme. Especially given the winner's statements online that he's "not rich" (on two separate occasions, implying in this second one that although he'd like to get all the Hartman combiners, his lack of being "rich" would prevent this, although he does say later that this was his goal).

As I said this weekend (and actually said to the auction winner directly in the message board thread), rich is often a matter of perspective. We tend to think of people who have more than we do as "rich." That said, I wonder how this fan can make such a claim. He's already spent close to $5000 on two small toys! Toys that make up $2 worth of the $5 knock-off sets I mentioned earlier (arguably, even less, since the one figure of the five not to be auctioned is larger than the other four)! I just don't see how someone can drop that kind of money on something like this and not be considered "rich" by practically any reasonable definition.

Oh, well. If he has the money, and wants to spend it on this kind of thing, that's his right. I'll continue to enjoy my knock-off.

Bonus! There are a couple of other really rare auctions currently up. These are for almost-never-seen Japanese Headmaster heads. I won't be following these on the blog, but thought it worth posting the links here.


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